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The eighth largest country in the world, Argentina offers the traveler a wealth of experiences. From the subtropical rain forests of Iguazú Falls to the high Andes to the Beagle Channel, it has something for everyone, and is especially attractive to the naturalist.


In the north, the extension of Brazil's Pantanal and the Ibera wetlands combine with a vast expanse of Chaco to the west. Continuing west, painted desert mountains end in the north with the altiplano on the border with Bolivia. Humid, rich cloud forests of the Yungas lie west and a little to the south, while the spectacular Iguazu Falls in the northeast offer the other rainforests in the northern region.

The Pampas grasslands extend south from Buenos Aires to the windswept deserts of Patagonia. Unique temperate rain forests straddle the mighty Andes between Puerto Montt, Chile and Bariloche, Argentina.


The route between the two cities by ferry and bus takes the traveler past snow-capped volcanoes, exciting mountain scenery and lush forests, separated by the amazingly blue water of the region. Tierra del Fuego hosts the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia, which overlooks the green water of the Beagle Channel.


The huge, growing Upsala Glacier and the naturally sculptured icebergs in the peaceful Lago Onelli offer an almost dreamlike experience. The Valdez Peninsula on the coast of Patagonia hosts whales, Sea Elephants, seals, penguins, Maras, Guanacos and other animals. From the Quechua Indians to the Gaucho cowboys; from the high Andes in the north to the Land of Fire, and from monkeys and toucans to whales and Sea Elephants, Argentina offers spectacular scenery, fascinating cultures and a diverse fauna that can be found nowhere else.

About the Tours in Argentina

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Desert North

Spectacular Beauty and Wildlife


Yungas and High Andes

Cloud Forests, Ancient Cultures & Rare Birds


San Carlos de Bariloche

Switzerland in Argentina


Iguassu Falls

Rain Forests, Wildlife & Spectacular Waterfalls


Valdez Peninsula

Whales, Sea Elephants, Penguins and more


Southern Chile & Argentina

See Them Together!



Low Desert Woodland with Abundant Wildlife


El Calafate

Land of the Glaciers

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Trilha na natureza
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