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Puerto Varas-calbuco-volcano-puerto-vara


One way to take in the special areas of both southern Chile and Argentina is to combine them. Starting from Chile, you can go first to Puerto Montt and on to Puerto Varas, then boat and bus through the lakes past snowcapped volcanoes to Bariloche, Argentina. There are a couple of ways to get from there to Punta Arenas. You can bus back to Puerto Montt and fly or boat down, or go to El Calafate on the Argentine side and cross back by land to the beautiful Torres del Paine National Park. You can return to Argentina via a bus on Isla Grande to Rio Grande, Argentina, and visit Ushuaia from there before returning. Given the air fare and distance, it often makes more sense to do southern Chile and Argentina on one tour, leaving northern Chile and northern Argentina to visit at another time.


CHILE is an extremely beautiful country packed between the mountains and ocean its entire length, and we have not exhausted its places of interest here. We can offer tours to any of these areas and can combine several to create a longer itinerary. In addition to our guided tours, we are happy to help you design a "do-it-yourself" itinerary that meets your own needs. We want your experience in Chile and with Focus Tours to make you very, very happy.

Southern Chile & Argentina

Land of the glaciers

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