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With up to 7 biomes, the state of Minas Gerais, in southeastern Brazil, probably hosts the most biodiversity of any state worldwide, with over 120 endemic birds.  Our Brazilian office is located in the capital city of Belo Horizonte, and this state offers numerous destinations.  The Caraça Natural Park and private Caratinga Biological Station (RPPN Feliciano Miguel Abdala) stand out together with Serra da Canastra National Park.  Maned wolves, giant anteater, northern muriquis (largest primate in Brazil) and many endemic birds occur in these three completely different destinations.  Another place where we are starting to do a bird survey is the county of Conceição do Mato Dentro (CMD).  This county has three life zones, or biomes:  Atlantic Forests, Campo Rupestre in the high mountains, and Cerrado from central Brazil.  Birders may want to join the bird survey we will do later this year, 2021.  We use a double cab 4X4 in this state for our tours as well and limit our trips to 3 people with Douglas driving.

The best time for visiting these areas is April through November.

Minas Gerais State

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