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Atacama Desert - Monica Volpin from Pixa


Chile is remarkably similar to the West Coast of North America from Alaska to northern Mexico, with the seasons, as well as geography, reversed. It is smaller than all other South American countries save Ecuador, the Guianas, Paraguay and Uruguay. Chile stretches between the Andes and Pacific for 2,672 miles but averages just over 100 miles wide at any point.


Chile is the only truly temperate country in the Neotropics and occupies more degrees of latitude than any other nation worldwide. Perhaps it is not surprising that Chile offers several extremes of the natural world. Fortunately, the Chilean economy seems much stronger and modernized than other Neotropical countries, and most of it is much easier to travel in.


The Atacama Desert in the North is one of the driest and hottest places on earth. There is no other place on the continent, and only one other place worldwide, where you can experience a region with no life forms whatsoever. Ancient mummies are well preserved, as there is so little moisture to cause decay. The Andes outside Santiago offer dramatic scenery and the world speed record for skiing was set in the mountains of Portillo northwest of the city. The spectacular Torres del Paine National Park in the South hosts one of the most dramatic combinations of mountains, blue water and glaciers in the world. A large portion of the southern region beyond Puerto Montt has no roads, but the fiords can be visited by ship. North of Puerto Montt are incredible forests, including temperate rainforests.

Our naturalist guides are equipped with a spotting telescope for seeing distant animals and for fantastic views of those that are close. We also use responsible playback for luring in rare and hard to see animals that respond to their own call, spotlights for night viewing, and the appropriate bird and mammal identification books for your enjoyment. Look at our recommendations for some of the regions, and then let us know what you are most interested in and when you want to travel. If we don't already have a tour to fit your interests, we will help you design one. Enjoy reading, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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About the Tours in Chile

Atacama Desert - Julian Hacker from Pixa

The Atacama Desert

Breathtaking scenery, ancient cultures, geysers and strange wildlife

Patagonia - Götz Friedrich from Pixabay.

Archipelagic Chile & Patagonia

Rare forests, remote fiords and world class parks

Chile - Raffaello Torrazzina from Pixaba

Santiago & Surrounding Regions

The high Andes to the Ocean


Southern Chile & Argentina

See them together!

Chile - Volcanoes - Carlos Ruiz from Pix

The Lake District

Snow-capped volcanoes, ancient forests and scenic villages

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